Marcus D. Cross Project Experience

Crater Lake Parkway – Portland St to Melrose St Project

Mr. Cross was the design engineer for the Crater Lake Parkway (Highway 39) Improvement Project in Klamath Falls. The project was contracted through the City of Klamath Falls and followed ODOT design standards. The project consists of approximately 2000 feet of concrete median installation, installation of a pedestrian signal (HAWK system), closure, modification, and reconstruction of three intersecting streets, and some traffic signal and striping modifications. The project is in close vicinity to Union Pacific Railroad, therefore careful coordination with the railroad company was required. Because the project is federally funded, close coordination with many state agencies have been required, including Historic and Archeological Resources (SHPO Concurrence Letter), Department of State Lands, US Army Corps of Engineers, Hazardous Materials research, and coordination with the public including Tribal Coordination and Public Outreach Efforts.

Main Street Grind & Inlay project including ADA upgrades

Mr. Cross was the design engineer providing civil engineering, surveying, and project management for the project in Downtown Klamath Falls. The project consisted of pavement condition reports, design of pavement rehabilitation, ADA ramp upgrades, and striping design. He completed the project specifications and construction drawings in a very short timeframe to ensure the completion of the project during the summer months and also assisted the site contractor in developing traffic control plans for the construction on Main Street.

Surveying Services (Klamath Falls) for the City of Klamath Falls

Mr. Cross provided boundary and topographic survey services for the Industrial Subdivision at the Klamath Falls Airport area; survey services and aerial survey for the Waste Water collection system and aerial survey; topographic design and aerial survey for East Main Street; and topographic design survey for Crater Lake Parkway & Portland Street.

USDA - National Resources Conservation Services

Boundary and Cadastral Surveys for Langell Valley WRP, Klamath Marsh WRP, Kern Swamp WRP, Antelope Flat WRP, and Agency Ranch WRP, all survey regions located in Oregon.



Lil' Pantry – White City, OR
January, 2010 – December, 2010

Klamath & Eldorado Grind & Inlay – Klamath Falls, OR
March, 2009 – December, 2010

Goodwill TOPO & FEMA - Beaverton, OR
October, 2010 - December, 2010